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Art Hoarding vs the Minimalist

It started with my husband.  He is a hoarder.  I am a minimalist.  He loves art.  I love a clean house.

A love of art + a love of hoarding = a domestic nightmare.  Art on the fridge – art on the walls – on the doors – on the bench.  It’s the same at every house.  I know because I heard one question asked again and again at kinder pick-up “What am I going to do with all this artwork?

We have all done it.  The horrendous crime of throwing out the kids art.  We have all discarded that cotton-wool sheep picture and the paintings on the big butcher paper with the big brushstrokes that look nothing like the dinosaur they say it is.  My hand is up – GUILTY!

But how is it when your child finds their art in the bin! The tantrums and then the trust you have to regain as you swear you will never do it again… but you do.  It’s not long before the piles of sticky pasted creations get on your nerves so you sneak them in the bin when the kids are at school or asleep.  But, sure enough one day maybe even weeks later your child is bawling because they can’t find the bunny puppet they made.   They are totally beside themselves and so you then go on a complete waste of time 2 hour hunt around the house to find the bunny puppet that you know is now landfill!

The dilemma of what to do with the kids piles of art was on my mind.  There must be a way to make everyone happy.  How to keep the artworks they love, not hidden, but up on the wall for everyone to enjoy. But for me to enjoy as well I had to create a way to present the kids art that was neat, modern and organized.

So, I was visiting a girlfriend who had bought a canvas at her kinder fundraiser. The canvas artwork was a collective piece of all the kids in 4yr old kinder.  It looked unreal.  After a long stare I thought well if this works for 20 kids why not just my kids artwork.  I would much rather the artwork be a compilation of my kids’ art.. I certainly had enough!

And so, the ball started rolling…