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Art Hoarding vs the Minimalist

It started with my husband.  He is a hoarder.  I am a minimalist.  He loves art.  I love a clean house. A love of art + a love of hoarding = a domestic nightmare.  Art on the fridge – art on the walls – on the doors – on the bench.  It’s the same at every house.  I know because I heard one question asked again and again at kinder pick-up “What am I going to do with all this artwork? We have all done it.  The horrendous crime of throwing out the kids art.  We have all discarded that cotton-wool sheep picture and the paintings on the big butcher paper with the big brushstrokes that look nothing like the...

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Kids Workshops At The Little Art Yurt

Kids Workshops At The Little Art Yurt Yarraville artist, Dawn Tan has created an inspiring space for little creatives to dream, explore and make. Within her sweet little backyard is a yurt art studio. A yurt is a circular, light filled tent covered with skins or felt, used by nomads in Central Asia. The cosy tent includes a range of colourful art supplies that will get every child excited! Soft background music creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, while beautifully illustrated picture books ignite imagination. The experienced, fun loving artist and teacher is running holiday programs and weekly classes.  To book an unforgettable experience for your little one visit http://www.dawn-tan.com/ You can follow Dawn and her Little Art Yurt on Instagamhttps://www.instagram.com/handmadelove/?hl=en...

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