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36 Artwork

36 Artwork

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Your child's art collection should start with their own artwork! Collect 36 drawings and paintings (with a few extras as back ups in case), take a good quality picture of each and send your files to us using WeTransfer or post us a USB. For more information, visit our How It Works page.
When photographing your artwork: 
To ensure your photos are taken front-on, attach your art to a wall at eye level and point your camera and shoot. Please photograph in natural light, as artificial lighting can discolour the image.
Using our photography service:
We'll send you an empty box, so you can place your artwork inside and return it to us in the addressed satchel provided. We will photograph your artwork and post it back to you when your project is complete!

Artwork is set to 900mm x 900mm. If you have chosen to receive a poster print, that is exactly how big the paper will be (so organise your framing accordingly).