Design process

Children's artwork comes in all shapes and sizes, so not all artwork will automatically be suited to the 85mm x 85mm squares of the ArtRooms collage. Luckily at ArtRooms, we have a team of talented designers on hand to ensure that your child's collage is the best it can possibly be.

Photographing and Retouching a.k.a. Sprucing Up

 The quality of the paper kids draw on is often not the best (butchers paper, recycled paper from the office), which can cause artwork to tear, crumple or discolour. Much-loved artwork can also sometimes bear sticky tape or blu-tack marks from being on display.

When we scan in your child's artwork, we want the artwork to be the hero and have the least distractions possible. For this reason, we will sometimes touch up the image to remove any artefacts left behind by the paper. 

Cropping a.k.a. Picking the Best Bit

Artrooms Australia Cropping Guide

When artwork is extra wide or tall, our designers have to select only one part of the image to include in the 85mm x 85mm square. This is achieved by cropping to show the focal point or subject matter of the painting.

For example, the fish below is very wide, so fitting the whole image into a square is not possible. Here, our designers have cropped the image to show the most important part – the fish head.

Spatial Relations a.k.a. Bringing Things Together

Spacing of your images

Sometimes we see artwork where there are lots of brilliant drawings on the page, but they're not very close together. To maximise the space available within the 85mm x 85mm square, our designers may move the elements closer together, ensuring that all of your child's artwork is visible and that your collage looks amazing!


Layout a.k.a. Where the Real Magic Happens

Once your artwork has been sent to ArtRooms, scanned and tidied up where required, our gun designers can really put their skills to use. Laying out your child's artwork into an ArtRooms collage is a real art form in itself.

Our designers  create your one of a kind, bespoke collage, carefully balancing the pieces to achieve a beautiful finished product –
your very own ArtRooms masterpiece!