How do I place my order?

Orders can be placed online through the products page. Multiple orders should be placed individually.

What's the best way to choose my pieces?

The best way is simply to choose the ones that you love. Lots of colour is always the best approach.

What's the difference between Framed and Poster?

The only difference is that one comes with a framed and the other doesn't.

What's the difference between Digital and ArtRooms Box?

For our ArtRooms Posters we offer the option of digital or ArtRooms box. This refers to the method in which you deliver your child's artwork to us. We can send out a special box to you to send back your child's artwork, or else you can scan / photograph the artwork yourself and email them to us digitally!

Can I use a photo or 3D piece in my collage?

Yes, just include the photograph in the box or email a digital copy to artrooms@artrooms.com.au 3D images can also be used. Simply take a photo of the 3D piece and email it to us.

Can I use my child's name in my collage?

We can personalise your collage and identify the artist by placing their name in the bottom right hand corner of the print.

Who arranges my collage layout?

We have a professional team of graphic designers who understand colour and composition, guaranteeing a great design.

Can I use photos instead of artwork?

Absolutely. We love our new photographic collections. Time to do something with all those pics on your phone then send them in to us and we will arrange a stunning photographic collection. A fabulous gift for birthdays, mothers and fathers day.

Contact us for any further questions - karen@artrooms.com.au

Am I able to change the layout?

Yes! Of course. We will email you a draft of your collage for you to make some tweaks if you like.

Who does the framing?

Our framing is done by a Melbourne based family company who have been doing it for over 40 years. Lucky us!

Can I buy a piece larger than 60?

Anything is possible! Please contact us if you have a special size to fit a special wall at home. Freight charges on oversized pieces obviously may vary.

How will my final piece be delivered?

All ArtRooms products will be delivered to your door. If you are not home, a card will be left to let you know your order has arrived and will include follow up instructions.

When can I expect to receive my framed collage?

Please allow 10-15 working days from when you approve your final artwork. However, there may be times when we are waiting for stock, in which case we will contact you to let you know.

Should you need your collage for a special occasion or by a specific date please email karen@artrooms.com.au and we will organise that for you as best we can.